Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Life In A Foot Note...

If it were done when it was done, then it was best that it was done quickly.

That being said let's now see if I can sum up my life in a condensed version. I was born in 78, grew up, got married and had 3 great kids ages almost 13, amlost 9, and soon to be 6. I have a great family and the best family of friends!  I am a devote christian and loyal to all that I love.
 Let's see...That brings us to the present... I am a stay at home Mother, but that is not a just title I swear! I homeschool my 3 kids and manage the day to day life in our house. I am a tiny in stature person but make up for it with a lot of  heart, and a really big voice! I am a Sunday School teacher and Royal Ranger Secetary for our little local church that we have been members of for 4 years now.
I have my own thoughts and ideas on what is this way or that , and why it must be this way or that. I do not judge, and I am trying my hardest to be just an open an honest person. I have 3 siblings, and a ton of friends that I have made into my family....
 List them .. of course I will :  Tammie is my older sister
                                               Emmett is my younger brother
                                              Amanda is the baby sister
                                             Angel is my sister of the heart
                                            Donna is another heart sister
                                            Paul is like the really prickish twin god did not give me (that
                                            is not an insult if you know Paul then you will agree, and
                                           besides he knows I love him to bits).
 This is the short list as time goes by I will be adding to it admending it and so forth as new poeple come into my life. Life is way to short to waste time on regret and not loving the ones who cross your path while they are in your world in my humble opinion.
  I am not normally an optimistic person, but neither am I a pessimist, I think I fall somewhere in the middle. My thought is: if it is a good idea now then wait a couple weeks it will still be a good idea, if it was not a good idea then 2 weeks will show that to you. Therefore I do not make snap decisions.
 My beloved husband, Jay, ask "why a blog? what you that bored?" in a way yes I am that bored but in a way not really. I had decided about 3 weeks ago I needed to start a journal and got the stuff to do that only to realize that: (a) I am to lazy to write anything anymore, (b) I am at the computer most of the time being bored or playing a game.. so why not a blog was my return question. We shall see how this works out in the weeks and months to come ... I may do a nightly blog .. for no one but me and then again it maybe a weekend thing or a random when ever I get a thought that I have to express thing, or it maybe that this fricking kid or that kid, maybe even the damn man I married has done something that I need to get out before I explode.... again we shall have to see (laughs softly). 
 This is my life and the insanity there in :)                                        

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  1. I am glad you joined the blogging world. I think you have a lot to share, and as you chronicle your journey, you can look back over the years and see how far you have come.

    I love you!