Saturday, June 25, 2011

Through The Looking Glass

"I wonder if Alice had known, that at the bottom of the rabbit hole, through the looking glass, that all she would find was a dismal barren waste land.. would she still have followed the white rabbit?"

Was my last blog question... then I came up with *after talking with Jay* another good one.... So little Miss Twit finds herself in a waste land, but she has cake that makes her grow larger, does she use it to her advantage? Oh hell no, she decides to help save people and play with cards... Now I ask you who in their right minds would do that? I would have eaten the cake and just kicked some ass in a biblical sense.
 I suppose I am showing my repressed violent streak. I think that all men, or women, have a violent streak when pushed hard enough.. or to the right spot... So let's see .. she fell down the rabbit hole, or stepped through the looking glass and did ... nothing in essence...
 This got me thinking ... is that what I have done? Have I found myself awake on the other side of the looking glass, and instead of looking out for me, I am playing cards?
 NOT saying that we should not look out for our follow man, we all should look out for and love one another, but what I am saying is when is it OK to look out for ME? When do I get to come first? When the kids are grown and out of the house? When or if I out live Jay?
 I am not a selfish person, ask any one that knows me, but I find myself in a mood tonight, like I have been thrown down the rabbit hole instead of having fallen.... and this sucks, not in the good way!
If I do catch the white rabbit I promise I will be having rabbit and rice for dinner.
 That really does come across cynical an it really is not meant to be, I guess as I am getting older I am becoming jaded in a bad way. I have almost gotten to the point where there is NOTHING sacred any more and nothing surprises me.
 So to sum up Alice was a non-ass-kicking kind of girl and I am in an ass kicking mood. I am going to try to post a more up beat chipper kind of blog soon, and I may even venture away from a first person blog, may go for a second or 3rd person, to see how that turns out... till them ...*kisses*

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  1. Loving the Alice stories. Kick ass and take names. Alice was way to meek for my taste. Can we shrink that ginourmous pic up top in any way? Lol...

    I have learned the hard way you must take, and I do mean TAKE, even if it means leaving the house alone to just go breathe, or we get sicker and run down and there is no way we can take care of anyone else if we do not first take care of ourselves.

    Love u!