Thursday, September 20, 2012

Times Goes FAST.....

WOW! Let's see where I can begin and loop us all in.

 It is past the middle of September, I am still holding in there with Juliet at almost 32 weeks and counting. Been busy and uncomfy with that/her but more on that later. I lost my lap top last month and have been without for a while, that is NO fun. I learned last night we may be looking at the big C with Amanda and I am terrified! (more on that in a few). Paul and wife are at the 18 week mark with thier baby, we should know soon what they will bring into the world. Angel's husband Jack had to have a second back surgery to repair it after an accident. OMG this blog may be a novel but hang in there with me while I get it out.

 Let's start here. The graphic card on my laptop decided to not play with us no more so I have been with out my link to the web and life as it were for a while now. Last week Jay and Tammie got me another one *for my birthday* ... which is a notebook/ laptop but it is working great and I love them and it. I still am not on as much as I would like to be but that is because I am big and pregnant there for no position is comfy for long. At least this way when I have the baby I can have my connection at the hospital with me.   

 Last year sometime Angel's husband, who worked for a cab company as a mechanic had an accident that injuried his back. *Forgive me A if the details are off* They did surgery but it did not fix Jack's back so they went back in earlier this week to fix it this time for sure. The surgery went ok and after a round with the pharmacy he is home, resting and driving Angel to exhaustion. I am praying that this fix will be the last and that their lives can go back to somewhat normal. 

 Paul called me last week, blah blah blah normal chit chat catch up. He and his wife are having a baby and at the first ultrasound the baby refused to show us it's bottom. They go back next month so maybe then the baby will play nice and we will all know! I hope it is a girl since that would be so funny for Paul.

 I have been in and out of Labor and Delivery for Juliet .. which I will get into in more detail next paragraph but let me add a detail here for this part of my story. I had to go back to L&D last night for a shot for the baby and Tammie drove me (thank god) and on the way home she tells me that Amanda had a pap smear that came back so abnormal they rushed her bioptsy apt to next Wednesday. I am terrified... Cervical cancer runs in my family. Now I know, I know it could be any number of reasons that has the result this far off... she could have had sex the night before, or her UDI is causing it or just a lot of things but still this is my baby sister and I am scared. 

  Let's move on to Juliet, the child beneath my heart literally, we are finally at the "almost" safe age for her to be born! Which is a good thing since I am getting tired and I know she is getting cramped in there. Let's start with 2 weeks ...or 3 weeks (my brain is foggy) ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and the "let's get and keep my blood sugar under control" started, which means no more sugars and testing with a monitor 4 or more times a day. Not a hard thing to do but after a couple weeks you get just very sick and tired of stabbing yourself in the finger, plus trust me, you run out of fingers fast. That being said I have managed to keep my sugar levels with in an acceptable range and we only have 6 more weeks to do this.

  I have been back and forth with preterm labor to the hospital. I would start contracting, go in and get a shot and then the contractions would stop. Well on Tuesday of this week, that started again, so Jay takes me over to L&D with contractions that are 5 minutes apart and impossible to speak through other that to tell Jay when to shut it for a minute. They ran a test called Fetal Fibronectin and it came back neg. so it is not likely that I will have Juliet with in the next 2 weeks, but the midwife was so worried since my cervix is getting thin way to fast that she advised steroid shots for the baby's lungs. Let me just say OUCH!!!!! not the needle itself I can handle that but the steroid stings when it goes in, I mean it really, really burns! Plus my exhausted pregnant ass .... the first one I did in my hip/ass was not that bad since that is the ONE place I am padded but the one last night I opted for my left shoulder.. and I know I am whining here but that arm still hurts and is so very sore today. 

 I guess I am glad that we are coming to the end of this journey and soon, oh so soon I will have Juliet in my arms. I am praying for friends *whom I feel that I have been a lousy friend for the last couple months*, family, and myself. We are almost there. I am hoping to be able to post more soon but for the moment this is where I am and this is what we are looking at/forward to.