Monday, August 8, 2011

Alice and The Hatter...

Alice is the best friend of the Mad Hatter, they complete each other in a way that a spouse or sibling could not. That got me to thinking.....
  So let's go to Wonderland again and take a walk. Let's visit the Mad Hatter and let's have a talk with Alice. Down the rabbit hole we go again.
  The Hatter and Alice were in love, of that I have NO doubt, but not in love as you would be with a husband or a wife. Not in love as you would be with your brother or sister. Not a lust kind of love. They were in love as only true friends can be. It is such a pure and beautiful thing. It is amazing and oh so very hard to describe. What I think of, when I think of the Hatter and Alice is how very bless they are and they have to know this. They would die for each other, they live for the other, the care and share.
 I wish that EVERY person on earth had that. If they did then there would be less hatred, if they had this kind of love, we would see a different world I promise you.
 What kind of LOVE? Tell us, tell us! what kind of love is this? Well, let me tell you. It is a pure, simple, give all, take all, forgive all, share all, EVERYTHING kind of love. And the best part in my opinion is there is NO SEX! at all... amazing right? But it can happen and I will prove it to you.
 I have 4 perfect loves in my life. I do not mean perfect as in we never go around the bend on big freaking fights, hell no, sometimes you have to have a ground zero fight to clear the air, to get back on track. Alice and the Hatter go around sometimes too I am sure because "she can't slay anything and he should put it out of his mind".
 Angel is my sister of the heart but is so much more special in so many more ways that my blood sisters. I met her in kindergarten and kept her. We have loved each other for more than 20 years now, if I say for how much more than 20 she may hurt me *laugh*. I think it is a perfect love because we can give and take but still make it back to track somehow and some way... even if it takes a while to get back on path, we make it there and I will always try as long as she does. She knows that no matter what I will always love her, always!
 Jr. my darling ... met him in Jr high.... wow that was a while ago. Let's see, he is the brother god should have given me but did not .... Jr. however took it upon himself to fix that so he is with my youngest sister and they have 3 girls between them. I do love this man so very much and he knows no matter what, even now, I got his back.
 Paul, my loving tattooed pierced freak! I got him in my early 20's as a gift from God. Wish I could say this was never sexual but ummm he was my kryptonite. Short lived affair turned into a best friend for life. When ever I am flipping out all I have to do is call him and he has always had the no bullshit answers that I need to hear. I love him to bits. There were points in my life that I could not have made it through without him to hold my hand and slap my ass to get me moving again. I know without a doubt there were times in his life that would have been so much harder without me. I am so blessed to have him in my life, and he knows this.
 Adam, what shall I say about the new little crab in my life? I have been blessed 3 times with an honest, open, free, pure love so now when a new one shows up I am always hoping it will be a forever kind of thing. Adam is my easy going, emotion catching side. He is the one that I can cry to and not have to put a game face on with, and at this point in my life that is what I need. He is so special and unique. In a matter of just 3 months I love him dearly. I hope that he can handle what it really means to be my best friend because it is for LIFE.... and that does not scare me one bit!
 So let's see, it seems like through every part of my life, every phase, there has been someone placed there for me to find and keep. I am so grateful for this, I am so happy that I can love freely and not be condemned for it, because it is free, pure and so needed in this world and in my life!
 So the Hatter and Alice are better than any brother and sister combo in the world! They got it right with no sex.. go them! I love my friends with my whole heart and I thank God every night for them.

**Alice and the hatter walk into the sun set holding hands**

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  1. I love you too, with all my heart, and I am glad to be one of your perfect loves. I am also glad you have the Crab now too! And, we might as well say it, 27 years baby, and still going!!