Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stitches on the horizon, calm as a cucumber, and I got pulled over!

I have learned that when something that can be called an emergency happens I go numb, and it is not till hours later that I can let it out. Jesse was out in the yard today, stepped on a broken vase, the other part snapped up and gave him a nice gash on the ankle. Jonah screams "Mommy! Jesse is bleeding." I get up and look, see the kid is walking fine so I tell him to come to me. Personal opinion here if they can walk to you they are not dying. So... I take one look at his ankle and report "you have earned yourself a trip to the ER for stitches congratulations" I called Daddy, ask him to keep James and Jonah, got a lecture of how it needs just super glue, what are we in the '20s???? Called Jay with a "I am taking Jess to get stitches I will call you when I get home" I then get a lecture from Jay on the kid should have had on pants and blah blah blah. I took all this in stride with a dead pan expression since honestly I was not feeling JACK! 
 Got the kid to the ER, the doctor agreed it needed 3 stitches, and 90 minutes after walking in the door we are headed home. They wrote a proscription for a pain killer since the place he cut his ankle will be pulled and so forth. On to the drugstore we go, our normal one does not have it in stock, Wal-mart was out as well so we hit CVS, I so do not like that one at all, but they had it and in between his ankle beginning to wake up, the pharmacist holding 3, yes really 3 different conversations at once while trying to check us in, I was informed it would be an hour to get it ready....FINE!
 So, I take Jess home get his leg propped up, and wait a while then, I broke one of Jay's rules but what ever, I took Jonah and head back to grab Jesse's Rx. Then, as if today could not suck any worse, I get pulled over because we have a crack in the windshield of the van. I was angry, and by then tired and just uuuuuuuugggggggg!! So I got a warning and I have to have it fixed. Got to the pharmacy, picked up Jess's Rx then made it home. 
 I did breakfast for dinner, I have medicated my big boy since he just has to get up and walk on his ankle, I now am planning to lay down and watch a movie.  I am not numb now so I could cry with Jesse. On top of I am feeling ignored by Jay tonight he came in, hit his computer and that was all she wrote for us. What a screwed up day!

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