Saturday, June 2, 2012

Growing a baby is hard work.....Bed-rest Sucks!

Let us back up a bit, Thursday night late I noticed a little big of blood when I wiped, I had a pretty bad backache and mild tummy cramps that were coming then going. Friday morning, still a tiny amount of blood and the cramps that come and went... sooooooooooo I called my nurse just to see if I should worry, she said probably not but go to the hospital and get checked just in case. I was not extremely concerned since I was still feeling the baby move, there was not a lot of blood and the cramps were not bad really. But still I needed to have a doctor tell me my cervix was not dilating and so forth.
 Spent 2 and 1/2 hours at the hospital, had one bad moment when the nurse could not find the baby's heartbeat right away but she explained that when the baby is only about 5 inches long depending on how they are laying it can take a couple minutes, but thank God! she found my little darling's heartbeat. So long story short I over did it Wednesday and Thursday and my uterus is cranky. The fix for this bed-rest for the next 4 or 5 days and when I do return to normal things do it slowly and don't over do it .... 
 I had to go to the hospital alone since everyone was busy or working, I did have my sister of the heart with me via internet (she has been the best support I could have ask for!) but .... I did get slightly upset since I was alone and if I had gotten bad news I would have had to deal with it all alone. 
 I am being a good Mommy, I am staying on bed-rest like I should, I have decided that I do not care if nothing gets done around here I am putting this baby first at all cost and I will catch up after the baby is born. I have also decided that bed-rest sucks! My hips are already complaining and all I want to do is sleep, I am beginning to worry that if this bed-rest get extended for the rest of the pregnancy I will get very very depressed. I am so bored being tied to the bed, I will do what ever it takes tho to make sure I give this little baby the best chance of staying where he/she should until November. It hit me hard yesterday, I knew I loved this baby and really want it but I did not know HOW attached I was until the nurse had to look for the heartbeat for a couple minutes. I cried when she found it I was so relieved! 
 So here we are I am on bed-rest not to happy but the cramps have stopped and in a couple of days things will be good again. I will now stop more and do small amounts at a time. Me thinks this will be a LONG 4 or 5 days lol.