Thursday, June 14, 2012

It will be worth it in the end...

Here we are again .... 
 Baby update: we moved my due date up by about a week to November 18th since I was measuring big. I have not put any stock in the due date anyway the baby will come when he/she is ready to be here. The heart beat was great yesterday, was funny the midwife had to chase the baby around my tummy to get a heart beat since the baby was busy moving. 
 I took Jami with me since she wanted to hear the heart beat, I think once she heard it for some reason this baby became more real to her. Well, that and since her bomb shell last week about "Mom you will love the new baby more than us" and I think she now knows that I could NOT love the new baby more than I love her, Jess, and Jonah.
 We go in 5 weeks to have an ultrasound to make sure our little one is growing ok, and I am sure there will be no problems. Plus we can find out what our little one's gender is, long as the baby will play nice with us for a moment and let us see the goods :). We, my friends, family, and I, are all excited, can't wait to know!
 On to the dental work.... *sigh* I will say it again, this is not the worse thing I have ever done to me but it is not a cake walk either. I have to keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end. I am having a full denture done for up top and more than likely a partial done for the bottom. So, all the top teeth , which were in horrible shape to begin with, have to be pulled. We did 3 yesterday. I have had a total of 8 done, but 3 of which was on the bottom (a wisdom tooth that was impacted which broke the jaw tooth in front of it, plus another broken jaw tooth). Yesterday was not to bad compared to the wisdom tooth, but I had to have a couple stitches as well.... and that is just weird. 
  Plus there was a new receptionist there that I did not know, and she was fussing about me double stacking my apt's up (which I will never do again, that is just to much running and stuff for one day on me and baby) and not listening to me. It is REALLY hard to speak with in the first couple hours after having a set of teeth pulled. I was trying to explain to her that I needed to come back in a week to have the stitches removed but she set the next time up for 2 weeks. My face was to numb and I was to frustrated to keep going around with her so I came home to deal with it later. I will call later today and double check since all the stitches I have ever had to deal with had to come out with in 7 to 10 days and not 14.
  I do  alright for the most part as long as I remember to keep my pain meds in my system, but late at night is the worse since you fall asleep and they run out. Then you wake up in pain and alone, just sad. When ever you have something like this done, something Big and what in the end will be life changing, you take a hit in the mean time to your self esteem. That is where I am at now. My smile was fucked before but now with most of the top teeth missing I so don't want to face anyone till this is all done. I have to keep telling myself  it will all be worth it in the end! And it will, God please, A new perfect smile and a new perfect baby to love on.  
 Last but not least.... I got home with my face beginning to wake up, exhausted, not brave enough to go to the pharmacy, frustrated since I could not reach Jay, and just out and out whooped. I could not get on my favorite social site and let everyone know at one time what the doctor said about baby since I have my very on drama llama that will copy my every statement. Major annoyance. My best friend tells me they understand but still ya know.. errr ... lol. Again I think it is only really a bugging factor when I am tired and hurting. Since my nearest and dearest know how my llama is they understand. 
 So this is how we end what has been a long week. Tomorrow is Friday, and I am ready to see the weekend :)

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