Thursday, February 16, 2012

To Busy To Think...

The last few days have been full of stress, worry, and a hectic schedule! I have gotten the stress and worry under control and today I have the hope of not doing to much. 
 We got our income tax back so I got the bills paid and bought the kids what they wanted. I got a e-reader/tablet for me but I am not sure I am happy with it so it may go back. I got Jay a new GPS thingy (that bit of technology still amazes me, Jay assures me that it is MINE and he will just get to use it, I guess it is nice to never have to worry about getting lost again.) and a new desktop tower which he needed. I am thrilled with that too since it is mega fast and has lots of memory!
 Jesse got his first case of Athlete's Foot and I love Jesse to death but he is such a wussy. For 2 days every time I wanted to run do what ever he just cried, but let Jay get home and he was all better.... maybe it should not have but it really pissed me off. We went Tuesday night and got Jami her guitar, Jay's and my stuff but Jess was in to much agony to get his and Jonah's things. So last night I ran back to Tallahassee, after going to 2 different stores I got the boys what they wanted. All I have left is new clothes for them and we are set but they hate shopping so maybe Friday afternoon I will be able to go shopping. I did manage to grab "Plants Vs Zombies" for the PS3 for me and of course Jonah has taken that over, that is ok :)
 So it is raining here and dreary and I am cranky. I wanted to take a little money and spend a night/day away but that caused a fight not worth it. I even found a babysitter for the whole night but Jay refuses to go away with me and since he does not want me going alone .... I am screwed I guess.
 Okay, today is for doing as little as possible, for zoning, and relaxing. Next week is looking somewhat crazy, Tammie has to have surgery on Monday for several things and will be in the hospital till Wednesday or Thursday. Dad has a doctor's apt at 9 Monday morning then he is coming to keep my kids so that I can go to the hospital and be there with Mom. Fun, Fun, Fun. 
 Life is not so bad this week...Smile everyone, because the fun has just gotten started!