Sunday, October 23, 2011

I am done Take 2...

Spent today in the ER again because I could not breathe, I felt like I had a 200 pound child on my chest. This started at 3 am I did not dare wake Jay, too worried over his response. Finally around lunch time today with NO sleep and in agony I told Jay I was done it was time to do something. Back to the ER we went....
 Got an awesome DR!!! He told me that Tuesday I was in the grip of a FM flare, hence the skin and muscle ache but that the chest ache was due viral pneumonia, which kicked off a case of Pleurisy. I assume most know what walking pneumonia is, and since it is viral it does not need an antibiotic to fix just time. Pleurisy is the lining around your lungs * normally one side or the other rarely both* becoming inflamed and holding fluid. This does not take an antibiotic to fix either just time, around 2 weeks but can be managed well if caught early. Pleurisy causes sharp pain when breathing, difficulty breathing, and extreme pain with movement. Generally a strong pain killer is given and rest is what is needed. As I stated it is easy enough to manage when it is caught early, but if it is not then it is LIVING HELL!.
 So, I have a strong pain killer in me, and at last a peace of mind, because I am sick, it is not my FM, I do not have to and CANNOT just tough it out. I flat out ask this ER Dr. if he had ever had a case where FM caused breathing problems, and his response was "no Mrs. Brunson and that is my flag to look for something more going on and not to just lump it in to 'just firbromyalgia'". You can not know how much better in one sense I feel because it is not 'all in my head' but on the other hand *sad smile* I hurt LIKE hell! 
 Tomorrow will be better tho. 

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