Monday, October 17, 2011

Ouch! and Ouch and this Blows, and Really WTF?!?!?!

We will leave Wonderland for this blog because I have not had time to think of a way that this ties into Wonderland some how.
 Let me see if I can loop myself in to everything that has happen over the last few weeks.
I have been getting hit with more migraine headaches and noticed last night that my hair is back down past my shoulder blades again so I guess it is time to get it cut once again. I am beginning to think that long hair is a useless dream for me and has health ramifications that I would just really rather not deal with.
 OK so moving past the headaches, I have been so busy with the kids and church so I have had very little down time. On a positive note we are doing our first ever Fall/Harvest festival and the youth are planning it. I am so thrilled for them and they are thrilled for themselves.
 I have noticed that when I do get down time no one is on yahoo so I guess we are all dealing with busy lives. I hope to catch up with everyone that I love soon, but I am thinking I may try snail mail rofl...
 Now, I am also kicking around the idea of starting a list of all the things that I hate about Fibromyalgia, in the hope and prayer that I will find ways to twist it into a blessing. I am finding very few at the moment because when the outside pressure changes I hurt, when it rains I hurt, when I am bumped even gently by one of the kids I hurt, when I think I hurt, Let's Face it I HURT! I think I have come to grips with that and here is the place to complain that I feel like crap, without having to voice it. I am trying to speak positive things over my life, and myself, so far that is not working but I am hopeful. This is my ouch ouch ouch ouch....
 Here is my this Blows.... really, WTF?!?!?! I have a cousin that is younger than I by so many years that I babysat her when she was little. I love her as I would a sister, or child of my own. I have adopted her as a niece and she calls me Aunt Joni. She has only been married a few months to a man that I know nothing about, and honestly, to a man that sets my MOM sense off, just something is off with this man. I have been counseling her for months, supporting her in all ways that I can and praying my heart out for them. Sunday Morning between 1 and 2 am this man got drunk and maybe high, he then proceeded to beat the ever loving crap out of my niece. The part that breaks my heart is that she could not get away from this monster till almost 6am. I should point out here my darling beloved little niece weighs 110lbs (maybe) soaking wet and this monster is double that if not more. He was arrested, but come daylight today she will not press charges. I am so angry at HIM. I know, he needs help I know we should love him and turn the other cheek but HELL NO, sorry God, but not when you hurt the one I love. I want him under the jail, I want him in PAIN, I want his head busted open, him to have a black eye, I want someone to choke him and threaten to kill him if he leaves, I want him to suffer. Not Christian but then God never told us to be door mats. I want protect her but I don't know how since she must make her own decisions, and I have to just love her to bits and support them. Really, WTF?!?!? How can a man do this to a tiny woman, and then she feels like it is her fault?  God help me to give the support that she needs.
 So anyway that is my life just crazy busy and in pain when I am not busy, not complaining just looping all in.
To those that read this know I love you and to myself this too shall pass. Till next time....

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  1. I am sorry I am just now seeing all these. I have been writing blogs but not reading them, I am so busy these days lol. I am so sorry to hear about your little cousin. Anyone I know?

    It sucks that you hurt all the time. I do not have fibro so I can not relate to the same exact pain but I sure know about other constant pain and it is wretched. I just wish there were more the doctors could do for pain management.

    I hope you get to feeling as good as possible soon <3