Sunday, October 30, 2011

new little shocks....

Today was okay, I did not do my freak at lunch time which is progress. I did clean a good bit, and slept alot.
Jay and I went grocery shopping and we passed a christmas nut cracker and I went nuts! I loved it! It was a little 6inch police man with a hat and whistle with the baton.. I so wanted it! Then Jay tells me I collect and love them.
We get home and he shows them to me... they are so GREAT I love them! Just WOW.
 So on the one hand it is nice to know that I am still in there, that the things I love are still part of me, on the other hand... it makes me sad that I lost not only the big things but the little ones too...
 I guess we can all this a normal, or getting back to normal, day for me. Short and week blog post! I will say I am not looking forward for Jay leaving for work tomorrow but I will manage.

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