Saturday, December 17, 2011

About To Shatter Saturday...

Went to bed last night in an exhausted state of mind, but one that was not in to much turmoil, Mom was doing better and was set to come home today. Tossed and turned last night as I expect to do, got up at the ass crack of dawn to run to Tallahassee and drop off Jay's work truck to be worked on. We meandered a while in Tallahassee, and on the way out of town I get the call I was expecting to bring great news but has stretched me thin.
 Mom has lost a lot of blood, so much till she has to have a blood transfusion, and her fever went sky high in the night. She is very sick, and the doctors are not sure on how to fix it. Tammie and I are utterly exhausted and it will get worse since Mom now needs one of us there all the time. I am angry, I know I should not be but I am. I am weepy, again I should not be but I am. I am frustrated but with this I think I should honestly be! I just don't know what my next turn should be! So I will K.I.S.S. it.. I have to Keep It Simple Stupid or I may scream then I would be useless for everyone especially my Mother. 
 So that is where I am by lunch time Saturday. I am headed for a long hot shower now then back to the hospital. God Help Me. 

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