Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wound out Tuesday.

I did not post earlier today, and tonight finds me winding out with the ninja kitty shortly after 10. 
 I did nothing much today. I think that rain is going to be blowing in within the next 48 hours so my hips were acting a fool big time. I have had no urge to do anything. For the last couple nights Jay has come in and we watched movies till he falls asleep then I get to change the channel to something I find boring enough to put me to sleep. 
 Jesse rescued a tiny, less than an inch long including it's tail, field mouse from the (of all things get this) chickens yesterday. Chickens are so weird I swear! They attack anything that moves. So we put the mouse in a 20 gallon tank with food, water and hay. I warned Jess that the mouse may not live we would have to wait and see. Then I had to rescue it again from Princess (Jami's cat), she knocked the lid off but thank goodness, the mouse hid in the hay and I got the cat out fast. Put a heavier lid on the tank and the waiting began. Since it is a field mouse it is nocturnal, come 9:30 tonight we went out to look, and took some fresh food and water just in case. The little thing seems to be doing Okay come tonight, I am relieved since it excited Jess so much. This weekend I will look for a smaller tank with a locking lid and I guess Jess is getting a pet mouse. I hope "Lucky" never gets out of his cage with the ninja kitty in the house. Personally I don't care for mice in the house but as long as it stays in it's cage then that is alright, plus it makes my kid happy, for that I will put up with a sewer rat if need be. *Not really (shudders) but you get the picture.)  I feel like lately I have done so much to let the kids down, or something. I feel like I am screwing up as a Mother, but slowly, painfully slowly I am getting the hang of this whole Mommy thing.  
 So that has wound out my Tuesday, Jay will be snoring beside me shortly and the Ninja Kitten is asleep at my feet. I should mention here that Benny aka Ninja Kitty, thinks that my bed is his bed, and every night he comes to sleep with me and Jay. I never had a pet that slept with me before. I ask Jay about this he said that before I woke up, we did not share the bed with fur babies either that I detested having them on the bed. I know that when ever the dogs  get on my bed I fuss till Jami moves them, but with this kitten I don't mind... strange but all in all life is not so bad tonight. :)

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