Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thus ends Thursday...

I did not do a post this morning and I have felt sort of out of sorts today, so I am going to post now and see if I can relax enough to get some rest.
 Jay got me involved on his online game so I did that most of the day. I did some laundry and some research on my Benny baby. He is very playful and thinks that any hands/feet/arms/legs whatever are toys. I want a way to break that with out breaking him so to speak. I also was wanting to know what he was exactly. So like all good Mom's I have been doing my homework. The closest breed I can come up with is an Egyptian Mau, which is amazing to me, you can read more on them here if you like. One of the reasons he is so playful in a way that we find mean is we got him almost 2 months ago and he is at the most 3 months old so he did not have enough time with his mother or siblings to learn how to bite gently. The recommendation was to redirect him to a new object when he gets testy, or to place him one the floor and ignore him, till he realizes that being to rough means no friends. All that being said, he only attacks Jay, and the kids so I am good with that .. Mean I know but ... funny too. 
 I have read my before blogs, I noticed I was big into Alice in Wonderland, but thanks to Jay I have met a new Alice and she seems to be much more appealing to me. I am kicking around a couple of ideas with this Alice and I will probably do a blog post or two on her soon. 
 Otherwise I am just skating through life doing as little as I have to and more than I need to most days. I still have a cold kind of kicking my butt, the fever was down today so it was not so bad. I am not looking forward to Christmas but that is mostly because I don't know what to get the kids or Jay. 
 OOOooooo That is another little spat I will toss out here. I have been seeing so much lately on this and I refuse to let it bother me, plus I refuse to get involved either but... Who the Fuck CARES, really, honestly, if you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or what ever? I mean I don't honestly.. I don't. Really Christ was not born on this day, most Christians are ignorant I think when it comes to this.... the whole "keep Christ in Christmas" yeah great do it in your house like I plan to do in mine but don't blast the other people with it... As Christians we did honestly "borrow" this holiday to help convert other religions, and since we did not know exactly when Jesus was born... so be it ya know? I refuse to look down upon anyone this year on what ever they decide to call it and I refuse to get into a pissing contest on what we greet each other with... I have learned the hard way Life Is Too Short!.... I have lost 15 Christmas's this year so I refuse to spend this one with one second or ounce of drama or regret. That is my rant *smile* so I say "Merry Christmas" and if you say anything else, more power to you. 
 So now ladies and gentlemen, I am going to finish reading an article on stress that I started, which is extremely interesting and I will share parts with everyone later, then I am hitting the sheets. Till the morning light....

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