Friday, December 16, 2011

Blow Me Down Friday

Happy Friday, but it really is a Blow Me Down Friday.
 I slept like a log, was out cold with in a few minutes of hitting the sheets and slept soundly. I woke with a song weaving in my head and still tired. I must have tossed and turned with out knowing it. Thank goodness I woke this morning gently without the boys fighting.
 Today will be a busy day, I am getting my mind set now for it. I have to take the kids to the mother-in-laws and then I have to go back to the hospital to check on my mother. I am expecting she will be making progress.
 Jay tells me that before October I would hold family meeting at least once every couple months and that I did handle a lot for everyone. I do not want to do that now, I don't want to handle it all, I just want to be in the loop. I will gladly give advice, I have been told I am extremely opinionated now, /eyebrow as if I was not before? I was before but I think I was not as strong as I am not about my opinion, I cared if it hurt your feelings before even if it was MY opinion but now I don't care, *sigh* that is the harsh truth. I don't care really, if it is my opinion and YOU ask for it then you have no right to be hurt by the things that I say, especially when I don't say them in a mean way. If I state "well this is what I see and think" then I wish everyone could just take it as that something to do with JONI'S thoughts and not so damn personally. Yeah I know I have gotten on a soap box but still.... I will step down off of it now.
 Ok so, trip across town, then to tally, then hopefully home to rest. I will leave you with a smile and the song that awakened me this morning.

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