Sunday, December 11, 2011

*Yawn* Sunday

Ok so let me back up, and loop myself in from Friday to Sunday.
 Friday, Jonah was ill, he has a cold or something, and stayed home. He agreed to go shopping with me for Jami, Jess, and Jay so I got that taken care of. We pretty much did nothing else. We ordered pizza Friday night and snuggled down. 
 Saturday was a busy day. I got up and took Jesse shopping for Jami, Jay, and Jonah. Got home and wrapped those presents in the van. Within a hour Jami was up and moving so I took her shopping for presents for the men in the house. We also stopped by the neatest little store and I grabbed presents for the rest of my family, my siblings, nieces, and the nephews. I have only my Mom and Dad and the Mother-in-law left to buy for.
 Jay was on call but said we could go to dinner and he would take me to knock out the rest of what I wanted to get for the kids. So we left at 5ish and Tammie babysat for us. I got everything on the list that the kids made that they wanted. We went to walmart, (it was so big and daunting that I made him bring me back to the one in Q) and game-stop in Tallahassee, plus he fed me a nice sit down dinner. We did a lot of talking, which we needed since I have felt we were out of kilter. I was exhausted by the time we got home which was just a bit before 7. 
 I come in to find my bed in utter destruction. I had to strip it last night and this morning finds the sheets and blanket in the dryer. I was very annoyed. I got all the presents for the kids wrapped by 10ish, all except the big ball Jonah wanted and I have no idea how to wrap that thing. Saturday was a busy run run run day!
 Sunday finds me so achey and tired since I did not sleep well. Our back up duvet is nice and oh so soft, but so very HOT, it was off and on all night while I was trying to stay comfy. Plus Ben could not decide where he wanted to sleep so around 3 he jumped on the bed and was all happy while I was awake and rubbing him, but when I dozed off he would bite me to wake me back up. I love this kitten but some of his antics are aggravating even to me.
 So, today I have to go grocery shopping, yay me, *gags* and that is about it.. My body is screaming at me that enough is to much and if I don't stop for a while I will fall down. I am going to heed that warning today. I promised Jess I would watch a movie with him and that will sum us up I think. Jay said that he needs to be moving and doing something, so I am going to make him a list and let him do the shopping, that is a relief. 
 On that note I am going to lay back down on my bed until the dryer tells me it is time to make it up. Then I hear a long tub bath calling my name. Plus, I got all the presents for my children and Jay wrapped, I have to finish the ones for my siblings. I will share here that I hate that part of this! If I never have to wrap another present I will be happy! 
 I also found last night the closer we draw to Christmas the lower my heart sinks, and that is just weird. I know that I should be  happy, I am thankful for my family and I love them all very much but ..... The closer we get to it, the more my heart disagrees. I don't want to be blue and I don't mean to be glum but I am just not feeling any cheer. Whats worse is the more December progresses the worse this feeling gets. The song "I'll have a blue Christmas without you" was playing during dinner last night and I was reduced to tears almost. I have found a deep loathing for Christmas music! Everyone, everywhere we go plays it now and I hate it honestly. I think it is safe to say that I am ready to be done with this time of year, and that is sad, since it should be a cheery time of year!... Let's blame it on the rain, or the cold, or the lack of sleep, or the amnesia... which makes me wonder what I have lost/forgotten that is making me blue. Let's blame it on the moon or the stars from the night.... let's...
..Things that make you go hmmmmmm.... 

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