Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday's To Do List...

Saturday finds me feeling much better thank God. I was weak all day yesterday and just ill. I got plenty of rest last night so I feel much better today. 
 I want to clean out our fridge/freezer then go grocery shopping. I am working on the laundry which is a never ending chore. I am going to the library today if I have to slay a dragon to get there. Otherwise it should be a ho hum day. Nothing earth-shaking.  
 I am getting annoyed with Jay and Jesse which is nothing new I don't think. I want to play my online game but since Jesse and I share an account, and he gets up before me.... I have to wait on him. Jay is being an ass-hat about it so I give up. I will go do the shopping and stuff I need to do and go from there. I have the ps3 and ps2 in here, I will bet I can find something to do on one of those. 
 I am also in the process of catching up on my favorite car show series.. "Top Gear" the BBC America one. America did one but I can't stand it at all. The lead guy on it: Tanner Foust, is kind of cute but the show itself sucks and is not as entertaining as the BBC one. Plus they have cute little accents that just make it all the more entertaining to watch. On anther plus, Jay likes this show too, it is one we can agree on watching, since there is not much we both like to watch. 
 All that and a bag of doughnuts I am off to start my day. Wish me luck.

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