Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just Wait Thursday...

Got a call from the oldest sibling around 6 am that mom's blood work came back scary, they called her around midnight and had her come back to be admitted. 
 So this is how Thursday starts. I watched every hour till after 4am roll off the clock and then T called me at 6. I am tired, if I am honest. I want to go to the hospital but T said there is no need and J agreed.... I am to "sit by the phone and wait" I get the feeling I was never very good at that. T and I split the siblings up and she was to call A while I called E. I got poor E out of bed but he gets the cardboard cookie today because he called mom's room as soon they opened the line.
 I decided to lay back down around 7 am but sleep was no where to be found for every time I drifted off the phone would ring. First it was my Grandmother to make sure I was aware, bless her to bits, then T to give me an update of "nothing changed", last but not least I got Amanda calling to see what is going on since she did not speak to T this morning. I give T credit she called. I texted A tho and said call me ASAP if you have not talked to T. 
 So, I am doing the "just wait" thing now. Just talked to T and they are doing extra strong antibiotics, a blood thinner, and pain killer. They have ordered more lab work, so on and so forth. T took Mom a book, and her lap top so there is nothing to do. I am antsy but useless for all intents and purposes. Mom insisted that I don't need to go to the hospital and NO ONE needs to stay the night with her... well ok then... here I sit doing the "just wait" thing. This sucks! 

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