Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday plays Catch UP

So I am in a mood, not at all surprising, since I am playing catch up on a lot of things today. Things like the laundry, a never ending chore, and current events. Before I did not feel like I was ready, and since I am catching up I am upset at where we are, as a nation, a country, a whole. I have no, ZERO, interest in the trivial like which actor married who and who is divorcing who. I am more interested in what the country is doing. The fact that we still have soldiers overseas but the "president" says and has been saying that they will come home soon. I wonder if his definition of soon is so different than ours. I wonder ... how we got him as a president, honestly, I have looked over his track record and I am not thrilled. I can say this unbiased because I have no comparison ... that I suppose could be a blessing of amnesia. I am hoping that we do not re-elect him in the upcoming election. I am not sure America can take another 4 yrs of this honestly. That is about as political as I will get.
 Monday finds me for the most part chipper. I feel much better and I am on track again for everything else as it seems. I have been reading a lot, going back over my favorite authors. I have also been playing catch up on the "must see" movies that I lost during my sleep. So far the ones that I loved before are just okay now and the ones that I did not like so much are great. Go figure.
 I am looking forward to Christmas this year. We have the tree set up but I would not call it pretty any more. My kitten thinks it is his personal toy and climbs in it. So he has knocked most of the ornaments down and the limbs look askew but it makes up happy so I am not complaining. I am not sure where we go to eat but I have informed Jay that I want to stay home this year and have just us. We can and will go visit everyone Christmas day but for the most part I want it to be just us, and so it shall. I am still not sure what to buy the kids but I will work that out as we go. 
 So I am off now to do more house work and maybe a nap, even though I feel better I am still unflaggingly tired for the most part. 


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