Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So today, Wednesday, started with the weather being overcast, the temp was 60 but was dropping fast when I drug out of bed. As the temp outside falls further I am aching more and more. The day flew past as easy as could be I have no complaints. We are under a freeze warning so I brought Lucky (the mouse) inside for the night. We have her in a tiny pet carrier tank for the moment, Jami has a 5 gallon fish tank with a lid and light. She has a beta in it but I grabbed a new little tank for him and we will be moving Lucky into her new bigger tank tomorrow. For the night tho she is inside eating, drinking, and being adorable for a mouse.
 We do our taxes with H&R Block and they have something called an Emerald Advance so when Jay called at 4pm I dropped the kids off with my father to meet him at H&R Block. We had that done in less than an hour rounded home and grabbed the kids. Jay wanted them with us so don't ask me why. We ran to Walmart because Jay needed new work boots and a jacket. We got Jay and the kids new socks, Jami new boots, the boys a new toy each. I grabbed Jami and Jesse a new game for their gaming stations, which was fun to hide while I tried to get it out of the store without them knowing. I have to get Jonah something else but I am going to go shopping for more come Friday when I am kid free. We had not had dinner when we left Walmart so we hit McDonalds on the way home and for once had a nice sit down meal. 
 We are now home with the Ninja kitty asleep on me and my feet are killing me. We spent an hour and 1/2 in the damn store but I did not get anything for me... *rolls eyes* not surprising at all I guess. By the time we got the kids settled I was to tired to care any more. Plus everything I picked up Jay wanted to argue with me about so that ended that, I will go shopping for me by myself later :) I am making a mental list of what else I want to buy now. I still have to get us some stocking and the stuffers for that. I also want to get the ninja kitty a toy, I know, I know it is a cat and hence I should not waste the money on that but, I think he gets bored and he has been so helpful for me since I woke up, I am going to get him something.
  All that and a milkshake had made it a day of days, but not in a bad way. I am going to head to bed now since I am beaten and my feet are broken.  Sweet Dreams to all!

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