Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ACHOO! and Ewww, Ewww and sorry but EWWWWW!

So it is official I have the kids cold. Not sure if you can get the flu twice in a year but I am hoping that you can't.
I am so ill. I hate the fact I am not a good sick person, and it seems if the kids get it then so do I the minute I get them well. Just Nasty! When I feel the worse, is when I need the most love, so not going to happen in my house. Don't pity me, but I am so wimpy tonight.
 So the not so great side, or the great side of amnesia .... pick your own here... I met my niece's father last night, drew a total blank on that one. Just another stranger in a long list of stranger to me. I guess I did not miss much there and I am not going to miss much. That is the first Ewww, Ok.. and "who the hell are you?" topped with a "Jay someone is here, and big lanky man, get your ass out here!" and I left him with Jay pretty much. 
 Also, this is somewhat sad but I lost a nephew 1-11-06 ... will be 6 years ago next month. I am all for grieving but I am the type of person I will not air it for all to see. My sister-in-law must not be this way. She has posted pictures of this dead baby.. EWWWWWWWW! sorry but EWWWWWW! No that is just wrong. I will not tell her to not grieve or snap out of it or what ever but I so am not going to see those kinds of things. Thank God Facebook has an unsubscribe button so that she does not show up on my time line. If she post to much on my page I will have to toss her off my friends list. That is so not to be mean but hey.. that is just gross to me sorry but *shrugs* that is how I feel. I may have to call E up soon and talk to him. I understand the pain and grieving and how you think of the ones that you lost, I get it since I lost my first to a miscarriage on 12/1/97. I still think of that baby every year! That one would be 14 this year it is like I have lost a small part of my heart. So, yeah I get it, but I don't dwell on it. Damn what is the point? I have 3 kids that are healthy, beautiful, smart and the loves of my life.... I can't replace the one I lost but there is no point in hanging on the the what will never be's. That is just sad, and makes me pity her all the more. I think part of maturity is being able to move on, if not let go, accept and find peace without dragging everyone around you down in the process. But, hey that's me and I could be wrong, either way I will not have that on my page nor allow my daughter to see that. I have unfriended her on Jami's page.. I am waiting for the smart ass comment about that but *shrugs* I will do what I feel I must to protect my child even if that means hurting your feelings. That also implies that I don't care who you are to her, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt... it matters not one iota to me. My family tells me I am scary when I am angry with others over them.. I can so totally see that.
 So tonight finds me with cold meds in my system, kicking around a new Alice blog post and just meh, to coin a phrase from a beloved sister of the heart. I am trying to remember to drink lots of fluid and rest. I hope the morning sun does not come up soon I so need the rest *smile*.

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