Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Shows

Sunday has shown up bright and clear with very cold temps outside. Sundays shows GREAT improvements in Mom and for that I am so relieved. All vitals have been normal since a little after midnight I am waiting on the Doctor now to show up so that I can ask her or him the major questions. 
 It is not even 8 am and I had to be up and moving. What a night, but well worth it since I could stay on top of the nurses and on top of what needed to be done. I think the next order of business, after I have spoken to the doctor is to find a McDonalds then to find my bed and get Flat, Flat, Flat! Oh and to block Animal Plant and SyFy from my tv! *chuckles* 
 Ok time to go track down a Pepsi and stretch my legs a bit more. I have moved my pillow and blanket to the van, now I will move my back massager and it's charger.. Here is to Sunday Shows and here is to hoping Sunday does not Blow...

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