Thursday, December 8, 2011

LONG Thursday...

What a long day. Jonah has a cold, sinus thing going on so he is ill. We laid around most of the day. 
 I did have to run to the store after lunch, this was after Jami and I had the proverbial crescent wrench fight.  Allow me to explain, if you were a guy with a son, at some point in time you will have a fight over who put what tool where... well with girls it is a little different, it was a who used the last airplane and did not tell the purchasing agent before she needed one. I needed Midol anyway, and I grabbed, not stocking, but cute little bags this year to act as stockings.
 Oh was so excited to, we ran across a thing called an E-reader, it was half the price of the kindle I was eye-ing so I grabbed that. I am thrilled with it! It does my music, pictures and it will do movies! The batteries are rechargeable and there are thousands of free ebooks. All in all I am please with the Christmas gift I got for myself. 
 Tonight finds me tired in a good way. Jonah and I have plans to snuggle down and watch what ever he wants while I pump some more cold meds in him. I will be happy to see Friday come. 

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