Friday, December 16, 2011

Blow Me Down Friday Is Now...

Blow me down Friday has fast, or slow as it were, become "May I Please Fall Down Now? Friday".
 Got to the hospital fine, much less traffic today, Mom is doing better, she has E.Coli which is common in all of us, it lives in our intestines, most of the time, most strains of it are harmless but some of them are not and Mom picked up one that is not harmless. I am glad we got it caught and under control before it caused kidney failure, not ready to lose my Mother. They have her on the right anitbotics now and if she stays fever free for 24 hours she can come home, so hopefully by tomorrow. I had to have a conversation with the charge nurse, I am loving that man, he is older, ex-navy and just great, but the night shift are ... less than stellar. Mom told me she had to call 3 times for someone last night.... I think I saw red for a few seconds. So when Mom went to sleep I stepped out the the nurse's station (which is right across the freaking hall, just out Mom's door) and I ask Don (Mom's nurse) why she had to call 3 times last night. He was SHOCKED and said he would personally stay tonight till the night crew came in and tell them to do their jobs. I was grateful, it is either they do what they should do or I go and stay the night with Mom. I was polite and honest with him, that as a daughter I can't bare that she would be here alone and no one looking out for her. So the choice was they fix it or I stay.... he promised they would fix it. I will call Mom tonight to make sure they did indeed fix it. 
 I slept better last night but was haunted by dreams which is becoming normal for me. I got up later and got a late start today. Very busy and running. I am tired, I was tired before I started, *not complaining just thinking* I decided on the drive home that I want to get up and down falling out drunk tonight, and not from beer. I want a good mixed drink, something that with in 2 or 3 at most I am done. Now here is the funny, Jay does not know what my favorite hard stuff was, and Paul said I love Corina beer but that I never did drink hard with him, so I ask Angel and she had no real clue either... great... now what? I am going to call Jay and tell him to bring home vodka and orange juice. 
 Ok so here it is Friday is drawing to a close, it is dinner time and time for me to unwind a bit. 

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