Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What The Hell Wednesday!

So I have not been able to blog in a couple days and I am all out of sorts. Let me back up and come to present.
 Jay finally got around to going shopping late Sunday night, while it was raining, for that I am grateful. I did not sleep well, have not slept well in a while. Monday was a rough day Jonah was and is still ill. The ninja kitty is up and down at night demanding attention, and the kids have been on my nerves to heaven and back. We did the must do chores Monday, and I laid around as much as I could. 
 Tuesday was much the same, we did odds and ends but not much else, I have a feeling that I will stay low until I can get a good nights rest. Normally I take Excedrin pm which works as long as Jay goes to sleep before I do, if he stays up then he wakes me and I have a hard time going back to sleep. That is what happen last night and it pissed me off. 
 Today (Wednesday), after a tossing and turning night with Jonah and Ben, I got a phone call before 8am, Mom was in the hospital, had been taken at 4am.... WTH?!? and I was just getting a phone call..... then every communication device in my house decided to rebel against me when I touched it. The cordless land line phone died, my cell phone keeps turning off, the internet keeps dropping in and out! So I call Dad back and check on Mom, then make the decision to go buy a new freaking phone. 3 kids at the store when I am already stressed and frustrated... not a good idea. I got them in, then out of the store while managing to grab a couple of presents under the radar of 2 of them. The third one saw all and whined the whole time, still whining as a matter of fact. Got a call from T in the store that Mom is headed home, she has some bladder issues, infection, and a massive UTI, which they knew of but with her being diabetic the medicine they had her on was making her sicker ... so on and so forth... Told T I would call her later. 
 Out the store to the van, and the freaking thing will not crank!!!!!!!!!!!! Not as in will not turn over, as in the spot where the key goes is locked up tight as a drum! Called Jay on a dying cell phone, he says "Oh she does this keep fiddling with it, jiggle the key, shake the wheel, pray for a miracle" ...... ..... .... ... ... ... Now I am stuck in a parking lot with 3 cranky kids and a broken down van all before 11am. 
 Finally, thank god, I got the van started, but I had no lights, no turn signals, no hazards, nothing. At least we got home. Jay called but the cell decided that was a call I did not need to take. He then called the house and the damn phone had a buzzing the whole time, very very annoying. Talked to T, Mom is home resting and should be fine. Oh and let's add insult to injury the well is out for the count .... so I can't do laundry or dishes.
 The mother in law showed up to give me back some money I had loaned her last week. Plus there was a game Jami wanted but they had only one left so I had grabbed that for her, and she needed to pick that up. I just LOVE, Love, love these unannounced visits. On top of my throat is scratchy and I am all stuffed up, just what I needed today was to get Jonah's cold. 
 That is where I am at today.. Having a total What The Hell Wednesday and it is only 1 in the afternoon. 

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