Saturday, December 17, 2011

Noticed things...

I have noticed a few things that I will list here, hoping my battery will hold out since I forgot the charger for it at home, (good job right? I was in such a rush to get out the door I just slapped the poor laptop shut and ran) but at least I have it here for a few moments. I gave T gas money to send back Mom's pillows and my cord so we will see when and if they decide to return.
 The things I have noticed are: 
  A.) Hospitals are quiet places, and a boring place to be honestly, if you don't have some kind of entertainment, especially since Mom and I do not agree on what TV show we should watch.
  B.) It takes a LONG time for a unit of blood to drip through an IV line.
  C.) I take charge really well in tense situations and I am hating that honestly, I just feel like it should not be my place alone, tho, it seems I am often thrust into this role. 
  D.) Others are really good at giving advice when they are not looking at the exact same thing you are (IE a sleepless night or all the facts that you have.)
  E.) You  have to walk a million miles to the vending machines here... Ok so not a Million but.. they are on the first floor and I am on the 3rd... just UGH. 
 F.) A night away from home is somewhat scary, for me at least at this point in time. 
 G.) My father is an ass-hat. Saying that with all the love that I can but he really is. I am here in a hospital room on the 3rd floor with my Mother for the night and when my relief comes in the morning my Father goes.... "well what if I am hunting and not at home?" Wrong Answer... my short answer was "BE HOME!"
 I swear I will never understand my parents. They fight worse than children and go on and on and on but let them be apart, they are freaking lost. 
 H.) Doctors love to side-step questions with big words... if I have a choice I will always ask a nurse. Though I will be honest here some of the nurses are not stellar as I have said in a previous blog, but I am here tonight so it will be alright or else. Also the charge nurse tonight is named Kelly and we think along the same lines.
 I.) NEVER RESEARCH THINGS ON WEBMD.COM! That is unless you want to have the pants scared off of you. I have to be informed of all the what if's tho .... and so I am .... not thinking that was the best idea now. 
 J.) Syfy channel is not my cup of tea, really that and animal planet are what my Mother seems to love and I could care less for them. Thank god for laptops and netflix. 
 So, I am set for the night. I made sure to grab my pillow and my blanket from the house so I will be as comfy as I can expect to be for the night. I hope the morning sun does come up soon. I hope A or T make it here soon after sun up. I pray my mother gets well fast and can come home soon, I pray God gives the doctors the wisdom to get it figured out and fixed fast. I pray that I never have to go through something like this again. Oh God, how I pray...

*****A and Dad brought back my charger cord so I will be entertained tonight, and it only cost me 10 bucks I am rocking now*****

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