Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 10

Hello, Day 10.
 It's Friday! No school work and the kids leave me at lunch time for a couple hours. This Friday I promised myself not to over think. I promised that I will just relax and do nothing but enjoy my free time. 
 My beloved sister of the heart told me yesterday about a game that she says we were in love with. I have been going over everything in this house trying to find something that relaxes me, something that I can do at lunch time when I get overwhelmed to just zone out to for a while. Jesse, my charming big boy is a PS2 freak! he loves his so I ask him "Son did I have a Final Fantasy game that I loved?" So he gives me a great be smile and goes "OH Mom! just wait!" he runs to his room grabs is ps2 and runs back to mine. Now I have seen his TV it is a 13in little dvd combo thing, perfect for a child's bedroom, my tv is a big flat screen Hi-def (what ever in the hell that means) thing. I have no idea on how to hook what ever into it but my son does. So he sets up his ps2 to my tv turns on Final Fantasy 10 and shows me my saved games..... WOW. One is at like 65 hours and so forth. 
 Here we go.. I set down to play, and find out quickly that he loves this game to and is over helpful! "Mom do this, ok go here, now swim there...." or when I would pause to go do something else for a minute or step out to talk on the phone, I would come back in and be in a different place! "Ok Mom, now you are in the trials... they are like an ... ummmm ... A PUZZLE (love his little face when he is searching for the word) and you have to take this sphere to here and that one to there and OH DON'T FORGET THE DESTRUCTION ONE! if you don't get all the destruction ones then you don't get the final aeon".... *sigh* so I turned it off but I will pick it back up when they leave today.
 I did manage to get 2 hours in and even with Jesse telling me bits and pieces of the plot I am enchanted with the what will happen. The hero of this game gets attacked by a big boss guy (Jesse's words) then he wakes up 1000 years later in a different place. I so feel for him. If he were real and here I would hug him and take him out for a beer so we could talk. I know exactly how he must feel! I can't wait to see if the hero learns to live in the moment. 
 So this begins day 10... 

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