Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stranger and Stranger

I was not going to do a blog post today. It is day 15 and I felt that I had whined enough.  
I got through the morning but as the day is wearing on I find I am in a strange mood and place. I feel out of sorts, I am searching for words that are in my head but refuse to come out of my mouth, I can't spell things like I normally would, I feel blue and just in a daze. Jay said it is "Fibro-fog"... oh joy.
 I have refused to look up anything on fibromyalgia up to this point because I felt I have enough on my plate to deal with. I guess today I will have to look into it since it seems that I can't even think straight. 
 I am tired too, even after sleeping last night. I know that I overdid it Monday but I did nothing yesterday at all but rest. I am just not liking this place that I have found myself today. I plan on gutting the kitchen and scrubbing the hell out of everything high and low, we will see how that goes. Right now I just want to have a really good cry and go back to bed. 
 It is not a good day....

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