Sunday, November 27, 2011


It is Sunday morning. Let's recap what I did yesterday... NOTHING. I did my nails in a totally random fashion, half and half 2 different colors. I watched the Godfather pars 1 and 2. I played my racing game for a while... I really did nothing. 
 Today I am going to do some laundry long as the rain holds off. I have been begging for a month now about the dryer and it is down DOA. I have since Friday boycotted doing Jay's clothes... soon as he runs out he will do one of 2 things... wash, then hang them out himself, or fix the freaking dryer...
 I spent last night tossing and turning so I am tired this morning and achey, nothing new there.  I think that in the last month I have found my blog to be very therapeutically necessary. If I had to hold all my words inside I would explode. At least I can get it out here and only a hand full of people will bother to read them. My loved one in my house will ignore them totally. Jay knows all about my blog but he is not vested enough to read what I type, that maybe because he has to listen to what I say. He no longer gets the option to ignore me. I will promptly pull his plug so... 
 Here we go the start of another Sunday. I wish I could return to the home I remember but since I can't I will go make the one I have now a better place to be. 

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