Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday's Trials

Ok, so it is Sunday, and I have a lot to do. 
 Let's see, the dress to wear to the funeral is all set, shoes Check!, the way to the church is A O Good!, now just to get ready to pick up my father and go. I did not get chased so much last night and rested for a change which I needed because my head had gone all foggy by yesterday afternoon. 
 I am ready to get this day over and done with. I am honestly not looking forward to taking my Daddy to a funeral at all, but, I guess I am the one to do it by default, and that sucks. 
 This is my biggest trial I think since I woke up. SOOooooo... ok let's do this! and I will try to loop myself back in with a better blog post this afternoon. 

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