Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reloaded :)

This morning I slept in a little later and feel much better. I always feel great first thing in the morning. I am under strict orders not to overdo anything today. I am betting that I was not good at that before so, to me at least, that means do almost nothing. We have a few simple chores to knock out, the normal daily pick up/clean up, but all the heavy lifting is done.
 I have plans to wash my bed sheets and blanket, and they are fixing to be hung out now to dry in the pleasant sunlight of the day. I want to play my game on the PS2 for a while, and I started over on Jay's favorite game that is online. I want to start on my book today as well... even if I only get the outline done I think I will find satisfaction in it. 
 I have to remind myself that I am not super woman, and even if I was, even she had to take her cape off every now and again, if only to wash her hair. So, now I will take my cape off and have a hair washing day. It is always darkest before the dawn, and if you want to appreciate the sunrise then you have to struggle through the night.  

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