Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 9

Day 9 is here. 
 I really thought by now I would be running out of things I wanted to type out. I would be out of words, or things that I would want to share as it were, but that has not happen, I found the more I type the more I want to type. 
 We have a decent size backyard that is all fenced in and we have a good amount of pets. The pets at first freaked me out but I have gotten used to them, I will not go so far as to say I love them all but Jami does and that is enough. I think the oddest of the pets we have would have to be the chickens.... From what I have been told, my sister in law got them for the kids for Easter. She got 3 for my kids and 2 for her boys. Jay said that she kept them while we were on vacation. When we came home we got all 5 because the little babies kept my brother up all night chirping. So we have 5 of them. They have names and they come to the porch when I am out to be held, or petted. I am not sure they are aware of the fact that they are chickens and should not act that way. The kids named them: Salt, Pepper, Peck (Jonah tells me all she did as a chick was peck, peck, peck), Dumpling (Jami has a kind of twisted sense of humor sometimes), and Neo (Jesse's favorite movie is "The Matrix"). Jami said I named Salt and Pepper ... so OK. Anyway I said all that to say this. I have been getting up with Jay every morning and starting my day early. We got the chicks in April so they are still young, the Rooster does not know how to crow at the dawn yet, and for the last week he has been trying every morning. I have found it a real joy to listen to him and hear the changes. At first he sounded like a whoopie cushion or something, but this morning he almost has it.
 Of all the other pets in the house I am still finding the kitten we have to be the most fun, just because he seems to have adopted me and is spastic as hell. Plus he is mean, he will attack anything that moves, and sleeps with me at night... I say that but the truth is this tiny little black cat will wait till Jay is snoring and then sneak up beside HIM to cuddle at night. 
  I was worried about Jesse so I had Jay talk to him. Funniest thing in the world happen last night... well, it was funny to me. Jami had gone to church with my Grandmother and when she got home she must have decided she needed to rebuke Jay for how he talked to her brother. I almost fell of my bed laughing my ass off. Jay handled it very well though, much better than I think I would have if a 12 year old decided to get on to me. Jay told Jess and Jami that they need to be aware of the fact I am sick, and that it was not on purpose. That I would never hurt them out of spite but that with amnesia I get overwhelmed and will for a little while more. Jay told them that if I got to much heaped on me at once in all the things he has read that 50% of all people that go through this just simply pack a bag and leave. He reminded them that I love them, and that we don't want me to leave so they needed to think before they speak and help me as much as possible. "To lay aside all the anger they have and let's start over". Jess took this to mean I would leave them, Jami told him I never would, but decided to call Jay to the carpet for upsetting Jesse. *shakes head* I would NEVER have called my dad to the carpet at 12 ... now I know I pulled a lot onto myself at that age to save my siblings from getting into trouble but I would never have been able to correct my parents as it were... I am glad she did this for it tells us that she is comfortable talking to us, and she did it in a polite, respectful manner ... sooooooo I must have done something right. What's more I was amazed that Jay did his homework! 
 Jay has really stepped up and is the man I had always prayed he would be, it is nice to know that I got this right from the start. I know that my marriage has not been all rainbows and roses but we do have love and that covers a multitude of sins... 
 Both the boys got up with me this morning and I found out the hard way I am VERY jealous of my hour first thing in the morning that is quiet and I get to do me things. I was playing referee before 7:30 am.. That will  not happen again. 
 I woke this morning with a song stomping through my head, it is a song I am not familiar with so I am not sure if it is one I liked before I forgot or one I have heard in the last 9 days and like now. (Talk about a mind fuck.) I had Jesse help me look it up and I do indeed love this song it is "I can do bad all by myelf" by Mary J. Blige. 
So I am ready to start Day 9 and I will leave you with this song..

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