Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do I not speak English anymore?

That is my question tonight. Is it suddenly that others can't get the words that I use?
I say "please no company right now I don't feel up to it I will make house calls when I am well again" and a well meaning friend of my husbands show up anyway to see if I remember him when I have already said I don't. Sorry but seeing your bald middle age person does not trigger anything in my head..... 
 Jay had to call my doctor's office today to speak with the person that handles the prescriptions, and he said he did not fuss but got results, then his mother calls me to rebuke me for him stepping in.. WTF?! First off I do not control Jay, 2nd I was hurting so bad I could not think straight, and had called the doctor's office 3 times today, (I have been out of the prescription I need for 2 days, even breathing was a chore) 3rd the mother in law tells me she called for me and knew it all... what is up with that? when did we allow her to get involved in MY stuff? The answer is never. 
 Ok on that rant, I am medicated, can breathe easily now, and I am taking my tired butt to bed. I am still not looking forward to Jay having to leave me every morning, but I am looking forward to the morning when it becomes well and truly ok.

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