Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday blah's

So it is the end of a LONG week. I have no zen words of happiness for this Friday. I am ready for the weekend but I woke with the sound of tree trimmers clearing the powerlines along my road.... EARLY.
 I have been up for a little while now and I can't seem to get motivated this morning. I have to take the kids to my mother in laws at lunch time but there is nothing else I have to do, plenty I should do but nothing I want to do.  
 I will probably redo my nails, since I love doing that and I am good at it. The kids tell me that I had nail A.D.D. to the point that I would redo, change the way the nails looked every few days to relieve boredom. I think that it was one of my only stress relief points and something that could be ONLY mine so .... yeah, I can see how I would have nail A.D.D. 
 I have decided that NOTHING in this house is sacred and nothing is mine alone. I started a puzzle, got the frame done, left it covered with a strong piece of cardboard for a day, come to find it moved about and pieces missing the next day. I can't begin to tell you the level of anger I felt but did not *go me* express at the kids. I have found that I really can't have anything in this house and that bothers me on a whole new level. This is a level that I am not sure how to fix, I will have to ponder on it some more.
 I did the whole beg about moving my bedroom again. I had a GREAT plan to exchange bedrooms with the boys, of course I got turned down. "The room is too small, they don't need to be near the back door, our stuff would not fit" so on and so forth. When I calmly rebuffed every one of his excuses he moved to just flat out "NO"... I tried to explain to him that when I woke I was used to my own room being just that, my private run to place, and that in a month almost I have yet to be comfortable with the fact that I do not have that any more. He said I could move into that room but he was not... I am thinking I just might move the boys in here with him for a few days and see how he likes that.. or hell I don't know. I am just frustrated about this.
 So here is a cheer for the weekend being almost here. Let's have a nice kid free (for alittle while) Friday.

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