Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, whimpers

Thursday starts not with a bang but with a whimper. 
 I was in and out of sleep this morning, being chased by bad men that wanted to find me in the house, first dream that has stuck, really stuck, with me upon waking up. I then had to referee the boys and my nice clean, heavy bedspread had to be washed again, I guess Jonah thought soap and water was not enough so he covered it in Dr. Pepper. I am just praying at this point the rain holds off long enough to get it dry again.
 My Pastor came by yesterday to check in on me and brought with him his youngest son. OMG that is one adorable kid! I almost feel bad for everyone that knows me but I don't remember, the Pastor goes "do you remember me from Band Practice last week?" "Yes, sir... I have short term memories intact." He, of course, encouraged me to come back soon, and I am making plans. Jay said he would go with me at first which is nice. Maybe Sunday we will see. I am going to take the kids to band practice tonight and we will see how that goes.
 I started on my book yesterday. I realized quickly this is going to take some research, which is not a bad thing I love homework now that I am a adult. I have the outlines for the charters laid out and for the most part the plot. At first I am going to keep it simple but I am sure it will change as I get to writing. I am excited, honestly, to see how this turns out. It will be interesting, even if it is for my eyes only.
 So, we are busy with chores, and the what not else of day to day life. I am out of Pepsi so I hear a trip to the store calling me soon, with all 3 kids ugh... I am going to try hard today to stay positive, even though I am tired....

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