Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 11

We started a little later today sometime just after 8. 
I thought it was going to be a bad day since I did not get up to the sound of Pepper crowing but he let a couple out when I stepped out the second time so all it as well as it can be. 
To Do List: (for this weekend) Rearrange my bedroom, 
                                                  Get the dryer working,
                                                  Scrub the bathroom,
                                                  Rearrange the kitchen.
This will be a set of projects spread out over the next 2 days, with Jay's help since if I try to do it alone I will hurt myself. As for my bedroom I want my bed turned to the other side of the room but there is a HUGE fish take in my room that my daughter's oscar lives in so that has to be taken apart an moved. Really a project I can't do alone since it is a 55gallon and, frankly, the fish is big, with a big bad attitude, I refuse to touch the thing. 
 I started the bathroom yesterday, but was exhausted after just the toilet, so the kids have to help me there.
The kitchen is kind of clean but needs a deep scrubbing and I want to rearrange it since it is tiny, and we have no cabinet space. When I say tiny what I mean is you can't have 2 people standing in front of the fridge or the stove at the same time. You can't have some one cleaning and cooking at the same time. It is a one OR the other thing not one AND the other thing.
 I did not do much yesterday, got the kids off, took a long hot shower, scrubbed the toilet and then got lost in the world of Final Fantasy 10. With the way my room is set up now I have to sit on the foot of my bed with a cord run across the room where the kids will trip on it, scary thought! Or I have to put a chair in the middle of the floor so the kids can walk around me, which is a bad idea because they bump the chair, 4ft of space all around me but they have to hit the chair, which in turn jars my whole body and HURTS LIKE HELL. So we must rearrange the room .
  I am falling in love with the game. I am connecting with the hero on a weird way. Don't get me wrong he is a cocky little ass, all great heros are, but he has what every one thinks is amnesia and he goes through a rough time giving the same excuse over and over.. Poor Guy! He of course remembers fine he just got snatched 1000 years forward in time.
 So here's to the start of the weekend, and the bright attitude that I have. Let's go start day 11.... 

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