Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 8

*Yawn* this getting up early stuff is for the birds! *grumbles* 
Today I have to go out of the house to run an errand, I am so less than thrilled. I know, they have told me, that I drove the mini-van with easy and grace... I just don't see it, but I will today.
 On top of it is cold out today! It has been cold most mornings and that is not working for me either. 
I am full of complains today. I did not want to get up but I know I needed too. I am not sure I wanted too do a blog entry either but have found since I have start writing every morning this is working better than a therapist. I think I will only be taking the "day #" to 14 ... 2 weeks is plenty of time for this kind of whining. I may move back to an "Alice" based one or go in a new direction. 
 I have decided to write a book on this experience, and found a good bit of encouragement so I started research on that yesterday. I did not leave my bed much yesterday was just in to much agony.
 I think maybe the weirdest thing for me thus far is not knowing what each day will bring. And this is only the 3rd day of schooling the kids so we don't have a set in concrete schedule yet.  (sighs)

It is HUMP day and I think I am going to have to hump my way past it, I have a serious case of the blah's today.

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