Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday is for Overcoming...

Today is Monday, the start of a new week, and what a week it shall be. This week is Thanksgiving and my darling daughter turns 13. I am wracking my brain now for what to get her that is special. I have plans today as well to get the house picked up again. Plus I have to move the turkey from the freezer to the fridge and make arrangements to cook it early Thursday morning. I am ready for this holiday, I am ready to eat all that great food and to be with my family if only for a little while, till they bug the snot out of me then I will retreat home. 
 I am blowing off most of the kids school work for this week, we will get somethings done but it is a holiday week and, hey, that is one of the perks of homeschool. We can always hit the books harder next week. Besides it is Monday and I am not really feeling it today, so we will stick to non-taxing things today.
 I am reeling today from my conversation with Daddy yesterday.. I did not sleep well last night and I guess it just decided to hit me today.  I am angry, and saddened all at the same time. I am tired and my mind is racing all at the same time ..... I think it sucks being the stable part of a dysfunctional family. I hate the fact that at this point in time, since I woke up, that I feel like in my own personal family, my kids and husband, that I am not really a part of it. I am a glorified baby-sitter, teacher, cook, maid so forth. I feel like some days if I were not here they would not really miss me, my heart says "you are wrong they would miss you so very much" my head is saying "ha ha ha bitch look around you and you will have the answer to that one". 
 Ok, so time to shake it off and get up and get moving. I slept in late this morning and hence got a late start on this day. There is not to much pressing to do but enough to do that I want to go ahead and get it done so that I can relax. ... Here's to Monday, here is to overcoming!

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