Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 12

This day started at 5am-ish. 
 Jay managed to step outside himself last night, and was going over things in his head. How he would feel, react, and deal. I have had no interest in current affairs as it were. I am still just trying to deal with things of the moment since if I try for more I go into overload fast. I woke to find that my Grandfather, his Grandfather (whom I was very close to, as close to as my own, this one raised my father pretty much) and his Grandmother all passed away. No, not recently, but recently for me. So, last night Jay stopped going "Oh, my poor wife, what can I do to make it better, or fix it , or what ever" and was trying to step into my shoes... I was, honestly, amazed. After he picked the fight with me over the bedroom, I was done with him for a while. Jay admitted that he would have been devastated, and would not have coped as well as I have, that means so much to me! 
 So ok the bedroom is still a mess but we can sort it out today. We did move the bed but found last night neither of us can sleep with it the way it is so, we must move it again.
 Here is the funny for the day. I adopted a little black spaz of a cat.. that sleeps with us, well.. you wake up at 5 am and the kids are still asleep the house is silent what do you do? SPOONS! So, without giving you all the details you don't want, we put the cat on the floor and got to snuggling, and in the middle of an intense romantic moment.... Benny *the kitten* decided we were playing an new game with him, so he proceeded to jump on the bed and stay out of arms reach while attacking any piece of the blanket that moved! Now I ask you, how can you stay involved in the moment and serious when a kitten is jumping on your feet? I couldn't and laughed my little ass off!
 Jay is off to McDonald's for breakfast so today will be a better day than yesterday..

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