Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday's Challenge

So, Saturday has slipped in nice and easy. 
 We have no real plans for the day. I promised Jami that I would take her to the library today when it opens and we have a girls vs boys challenge to do outside once the temp climbs up above 60ish. Our challenge is: Fire Starting... Jesse does Royal Ranger's which is the christian version of Boy Scouts. I told him that Jami and he could both do fires today and it would be a challenge with the winner getting a prize. Jay said he could do it better and faster so this kids thing very quickly became a team thing. It is Jay, Jesse, Jonah vs Jami and I. 
 The rules are simple, we have 15 minutes to set up our fires, and gather our supplies.. after the 15 minute set up we can gather no more. We are not allowed to use matches or a lighter. 18 inches over our fire pit will be a thread or string that the fire must reach and burn through to win this challenge. Points are won and lost on how long it takes to get the fire started and how well the fires are set up.
 Jesse is going with a magnifier to start his and I have a fire starter kit that I will use. This kit is a little key chain item that you shave some of the soft metal off the side then you strike your knife on the other side *which has a spark thing* and poof you have flame. I figure I will have it started in 90 seconds flat, Jess and Jay will be at the mercy of the sun. All and all this should prove interesting.
 I have no intentions of doing anything more useful today. I was feeling much better yesterday but then Jami's guinea pig was sick and passed away. Jami ask Jay to help her bury it, and he yelled at her, I will tell you that set every single one of my mommy senses off all at once. I know that Jami can be demanding and sarcastic and so forth but she is still just a little girl for all her bravo. So I got up and put my shoes on and went out to the backyard with a "your an ass" tossed over my shoulder at Jay. Now where we live the ground is red clay with about 5 inches of soil on top, there for the first few inches comes out easy and then you hit the red clay which it is hard as hell. So, I proceeded to dig this whole.... OUCH!  I am paying for it today. Jay did come out and finish up for us but I was pissed at him for upsetting Jami at that point. That is how our night started, then the kids piled up on the bed with me and we all watched a couple of comedy shows, that is how our night ended. Not a bad ending. 
 So, let's rock this Saturday. I have a challenge to win and a few boys to make cry. It is going to be a good day.

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