Monday, November 7, 2011

Ending day 13

To day I got a ton of cleaning done. Cleaning to the point of overdoing... I know I could kick my own ass, and I am paying the price for it now.
 The dryer which Jay thought he had fixed is not fixed, so 6 loads of clothes later, washed, hung out, dried, and all but one folded. I tore Jay's huge desk apart, the computers and everything. I took the drawers out and cleaned them. I scrubbed the desk, floor, the computer monitors, and hit the wall behind the desk too. I made it to the store and grabbed clothe pins. 
 I am so tired now I could cry. I need to just let it all go, so I took a nice long bath, and have retired to my bed to rest. I hear a zone out time coming with my game, and when my pain pill kicks in I hear an early bed time calling my name. 
 So until in the morning, good night sweet prince (or princess if you swing that way).

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